Vision Mission & Objectives

To be the leading educational institution in the region with multifaceted development-centric approach, a focus towards holistic growth of its stakeholders and a responsibility towards societal betterment.

Vision Elements

  1. Leading Educational Institution

To be the undisputed leader in the education sector in the region and a significant player in value based education with excellence in all spheres.

  1. Multifaceted Development

Focus on the academic, physical and mental growth of its students and a special focus on personality development and potential tapping.

  1. Holistic Growth

Value creation through a model of growth in totality by nurturing the youth for overall development and providing special care and attention to girls, marginalized and minority sections of the society.

  1. Societal Betterment

Doing good for the society by providing quality education and creating responsible citizens for the future.

To accelerate and optimize the effective and economical use of resources through ‘Team St. Soldier’ with commitment, concern and care for the benefits of students and society.

Mission Values

  1. Effective and Economical use of Resources

Using every single resource-physical, capital and human in a most effective and economical manner to provide an ideal model of ‘total educational development’.

  1. Team St. Soldier Management and Technical Institute

Well qualified and dedicated teaching faculty along with experienced non-teaching and support staff makes the St. Soldier Management and Technical Institute which is there to serve the students with zeal and passion.

  1. Commitment, Concern and Care

Three basic and core organizational values of the heritage institution of the region for providing better and enhanced opportunities of growth to the students and society.


  1. To provide quality education to the students, a vast majority of which comes from nearby rural areas. The College seeks to equip them with basic undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which are essential qualifications for diverse career options.
  2. To provide a holistic development model to the students by covering variety of areas ranging from IT, Business Management, Commerce to Sciences.
  3. To set new standards in delivery and imparting of education by making combined use of its manpower and technology.
  4. To attain the status of best educational institution in the region.
  5. To increase the employability amongst students by opening new job oriented courses.
  6. To work with result oriented plans with education policy i.e. Commitment, Concern and Care.
  7. To build interaction with reputed universities/colleges/institutions to focus on new strategies for enhancing employability of students.